Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Studio Garden

A couple of weeks ago I purchased 6 standard white iceberg roses from Buy Swap and Sell, The guy I got them from had been living in a rental house and was moving out so he transplanted them into pots. He delivered them to me and they looked happy for a day until we had some really hot weather with very hot winds.
I watered them daily but I think they may have been a bit traumatised from being transplanted. So on the weekend I got busy making a garden bed to plant them in. This is how it looked before I started. First job was to pull the sleepers up that were in the ground at one side of the Studio....
I moved the sleepers and stole a couple from further down the yard that were just the right length for what I needed.
I want them to act as a retaining wall so the woodchips don't wash under the Studio.
It looks a bit rustic and although they were really heavy I persevered and after a couple of squashed thumbs later I had them in place.
In the back ground of the next picture is where my big tree was that I had removed. It looks so bare compared to how it was before and I have a lot of soil to shift because it is quite a bit of a mound where the stump has been ground up.
That is definitely a WIP!
I rolled back the piece of fake grass that was near the studio only to find a 1.5 metre square of pavers. Not sure what that was for but was thinking REALLY lugging sleepers and planting roses isn't a big enough job, now I have to pull up pavers....LOL! Every project I have attempted in my yard has revealed a surprise of sorts.....
Never a dull moment!
I sat and thought for a while what I could do with this latest obstacle. In the end it worked out quite well because I only removed some of the pavers and the others are acting as a small path to border the garden bed. I will use the ones that I pulled up to join them up to the other paved area eventually.
I pruned all the frazzled leaves from the roses and planted them in the garden bed. I also moved some of the soil from the tree mound and filled the bed up a little. The four rose bushes in this bed have lost their leaves but are still nice and green. I gave them a good soaking of seasol so now all I want for Christmas is some nice new leaf growth on them. The poor things should do better back in the ground I hope.
I also planted 3 Daphne bushes in between the roses,
mulched and wood chipped the bed....Yay! Its looking good :)
I had 2 left and they were much worse than the others.
Look at this poor sad plant.
I decided to plant them anyway and hope for the best.
I have put them on the other side of my patchwork rock path, I 
will wait to see if they live before I do any more with this side.
I gave them both a good pruning and a good hit with seasol.
 Not sure if these two will make it as they are more brown than
 green at the moment. I will replace them with new ones from
 the garden centre if I have to.
I am really happy with how it is looking so far and hope they
 all like their new home. Can you see the woodchip pile in the
corner of this picture....That's my tree... :(
On the upside I have lots of woodchip for the rest of my gardens.
Thanks for stopping by and cross your fingers that the roses will
 flourish now they are back in the ground. Most other things do
 really well in my yard and I hope these do also.
I know the weeds surely flourish....LOL!
We got some much needed rain on Sunday with more forecast
during the week so that might also help to kick them along.
Until next time, Happy Stitching


Michelle said...

I hope the two brown roses bounce back for you Kate, the others will! Love how the sewing room is looking! You have done a fantastic job with the garden-well done!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Kate you are doing one awesome job on your garden! Fingers crossed that your roses will survive...I'm sure they will!

Cheryll said...

It's looking gorgeous Kate...even at this stage. I bet you cannot wipe the smile from your face! :)

Lynda said...

Everything is looking wonderful Kate.

Khris78 said...

Looks so beautiful Kate !!!!

Florence said...

What a nice garden !

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well Miss kate you are amazing xx

Googy Girl said...

Your a super woman, cooking, stitching and ace gardener as well. I m sure they will flourish.... With your TLC

Julie Maloney Handmade said...

Everything looks gorgeous Kate! Well done xo

Jenny said...

Kate look what you do when you are working..What are you going to do over the holidays????? Wow

Fiona@Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Looks great Kate, you've done an awesome job on your own. I don't know when you fit it all into your week/weekend :)

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