Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sewing Angel Toolstore

My Sewing Angel Tool Store is coming along nicely....
I started playing with it at the Blog Meet in Bathurst and
since then I have made all the pockets etc
they are ready to be stitched to the inside lining....
The fabric colours in this kit are gorgeous.....Love them!
Another great Anni Down's design....
My little applique threads re loaded onto my tiny spool
holder, this was a gift from my gorgeous blog buddy
Cheryl, her clever hubby makes them.....
A good afternoons prep all loaded into a project box....
For some night time stitching in my chair in front of the
 television.....I know talk about a Nanna.....LOL!
Lot's of work still to be done on this one but it feels great to
 have it out of the cupboard and under way...
Until next time, Happy Stitching

Monday, 28 September 2015

Binding Quilts in my Studio

It's school holidays here at the moment which means I
am on holidays from work as well.....Yay!
It's been nice to spend some time in my studio working on
 a few projects, I did have plans for work in the yard but the
 unseasonal icy winds have  pushed me inside.....
I have 2 quilts to bind and I usually make my binding before
 the quilt heads off to get quilted but alas this was  not so
 for these two quilts, it was vintage modern first up.....
So cut all the binding strips I did....
And then I neatened all the sides up.....
Binding strips for my Nundle Off Centre Linen Quilt next.....
And some more trimming....
It was a bit tricky getting the stripes to match up.....
I am pleased with how well my stripy
linen binding came together....
Some quiet time sewing on the bind....
I am loving my wall shelf that I picked up at
 The Home Patch a few weeks ago.....
Next up the red spotty bind, a gorgeous lady named Barb
sent me this red fabric to match my quilt,
Bloggers are so generous....Thanks again Barb xx
A good afternoons work....
All pinned and ready for some hand stitching....
Do you like to pin your bind before you hand stitch it down?
I do, I love the bumpy texture and then in turn the smooth
 finish as I stitch each side down....
I find hand stitching the binding very therapeutic all the
 while having a sense of accomplishment as I go....
Not long now until I have a couple of finishes....
Until next time, Happy Stitching

Thursday, 24 September 2015

2015 Bathurst Blog Meet

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I met up with
 this great group of ladies and spent 2 nights at The Vale
in Perthville stitching, chatting, eating and
drinking the weekend away?
We ate far too much food.....
Had lots of laughs....
Caught up with old friends.....
Smiled a lot and relaxed......
We stitched, knitted and crafted....
We also shopped up a storm at The Home Patch,
 the home of my favourite designer Anni Downs....
It is always a delight to visits Anni's Shop.....
Lots of purchases were made, I was excited to find this
 shelf that is just perfect for my Studio wall......
Some of us stayed up far too late.....
I worked on this pincushion project that I had purchased at
 last years Blog Meet, lots of hand stitching in this one.....
I felt very spoilt indeed to have Anni on hand to show me(do it
for me please Anni) how to turn the completed pincushion
 through the tiny hole in the side seam.....He He!
Such concentration filling my pincushion
with crushed walnut shells.....
And Ta dah! The finished product!
It looks too nice to stick pins into.....
I also had a play with this kit that I also purchased
 some time ago, these little projects really do
 take as much time to make as most quilts!!!
Anni tells me that her shop sample of this project has
been stolen, what a rotten thing for someone to do :(
Stay tuned for lots of fun in the Make it Bake it Fake it Swap!
Until next time, Happy Stitching

Friday, 11 September 2015

Bathurst Here We Come!

I am spending the weekend in Bathurst with my Bestie Suze
 at a 3 day Retreat and catch up with around 20 lovely ladies.
 Woo Hoo! Bring on good times girls!!
Stay tuned for Mondays round up of the weekend....

Hugs Kate xx

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Studio has a TV

You may have been wondering why there is a power point
 high up on the wall in the corner of my sewing studio...
That is the spot I planned for a TV on a wall bracket one day,
I was very lucky to be gifted one from a good friend, her
gorgeous Mum Doris passed away and this TV belonged
 to her so I do feel a bit special to have it....
Whilst my baby sister was visiting over the weekend I decided
 it was a good time for some sisterly DIY, working out the best
 height took the most time, remember measure and
 check twice and drill once girls! Ha Ha!
Then the fun part....power tools!
Holes drilled and bracket installed, I missed a pic of the bracket
 but it has a swing arm and tilt feature so the TV can be in the
 corner for viewing from my cutting bench or tilted back flat
 to the wall for viewing whilst lying down on my daybed,
 perfect for visitors or lazy Sunday afternoon viewing.
I also have a small DVD player but I am still deciding about
 what type of shelf I will install for it, whether it be a corner
 one or a flat on the wall one, I may also need an aerial plug
and antenna eventually but for now I am using a small
portable antenna that I already had, hence the cord hanging
 down, that I hate! I know third world problems!!!!

Doris is up on the wall and working well....
Thanks for stopping buy and sharing in my weekend DIY!

Until next time, Happy Stitching


Monday, 7 September 2015

Bathurst Blog Meet Product List

For those ladies joining us in Bathurst who do not read The Blog:

Hello there everybody, I hope you are all well and getting keen for our big weekend. I have had visitors all weekend which was lovely and exhausting. I have no idea what I will be doing this weekend on the stitching front but will get that sorted this week, I have half the Make it Bake it Fake it sorted and have an idea for the foil parcels but they have not happened yet....Gah!
So much to do!!!!
I and have hit the ground running at work today but am excited to be able to share that I have wrangled Friday off work so Suze and I will not be the last ones to arrive this year....Woo Hoo!
I have also just realised I haven't put up a "Pickled on Peisley:" post for all of my devout lemon butter addictees etc..... 
Stocks are limited so it's first in best dressed this week girls :)
Spicy Mustard Pickles -500gm $9
Green Tomato Pickles -500gm $9
Cauliflower Pickles -500gm $9
Tomato Relish -500gm $9
Tomato Sauce -500ml $10ea -250ml $7ea
Worcestershire Sauce -250ml $7ea
Sweet Chilli Sauce -250ml $7ea
Tomato Sauce -250ml $7ea
Fig Jam $7ea
Pineapple & Orange Jam -$7ea(pictured)
and $5ea(Slightly smaller jars)
Caramelised Red Onion Relish -300gm $7ea
Apricot Chutney 250gm - $6ea
Rhubard Chutney 250gm - $6ea
Orange Chutney 250gm - $6ea
Lemon Butter - 300gm $7ea

Either comment on this post or email me directly if you would like to place an order, I will do by best to fill it for you but some stocks are limited....

See you all soon

Busy Busy Busy!

That has been my life over the last few weeks/months....
I dunno year even!
The days and weeks just seem to be whizzing by.....
and everything at home seems to need doing at once!
One job I have been working on is my ever growing pile
 of papers to be filed away, they seem to grow on the kitchen
 bench as fast as the weeds do in the back yard. I have sorted
 my 3 drawer timber filing cabinet and also started a filing
 tub for each of my children( these still need quite a bit of
attention but at this stage both their boxes have all their
 papers in at least, this is cutting into my precious
 stitching time I might add....LOL!
I have managed to purchase backing fabric for my linen quilt
 that I made at The cottage on The Hill a couple of months
back on a 2 day retreat, I went with this blue swirly vine
patterned fabric and was very happy that I didn't have to join
 it because it was a wide backing fabric....Win Win!
Fast forward to last Friday when this bag was delivered to my
office by Belinda's gorgeous DH Terry, he's a good bloke...
So much excitement because not only was my linen quilt in the
 bag but my Vintage modern Dresden Quilt as well....
Yay! happy dance....
Belinda has quilted them both in an all over pattern , minus the
 Dresden panel that she custom quilted for me, it's always
 hard to see the quilting in the pictures....
This shot of the back will give you a better idea....
The linen one is even harder to see but she matched the swirling
 vine pattern on the backing fabric for the quilting on this one,
 I can't wait to get the binding on so I can drape it
over my daybed in The Studio it is gorgeous!
My routine is to make the binding before the quilt is quilted....
Well guess what? No binding made for either of these....
I really need a nine day week! Eek!
Visitors over the weekend means they are still in the bag,
luckily I snapped these pics at work on Friday,watch this space!

Until next time, Happy Stitching


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