Monday, 7 September 2015

Bathurst Blog Meet Product List

For those ladies joining us in Bathurst who do not read The Blog:

Hello there everybody, I hope you are all well and getting keen for our big weekend. I have had visitors all weekend which was lovely and exhausting. I have no idea what I will be doing this weekend on the stitching front but will get that sorted this week, I have half the Make it Bake it Fake it sorted and have an idea for the foil parcels but they have not happened yet....Gah!
So much to do!!!!
I and have hit the ground running at work today but am excited to be able to share that I have wrangled Friday off work so Suze and I will not be the last ones to arrive this year....Woo Hoo!
I have also just realised I haven't put up a "Pickled on Peisley:" post for all of my devout lemon butter addictees etc..... 
Stocks are limited so it's first in best dressed this week girls :)
Spicy Mustard Pickles -500gm $9
Green Tomato Pickles -500gm $9
Cauliflower Pickles -500gm $9
Tomato Relish -500gm $9
Tomato Sauce -500ml $10ea -250ml $7ea
Worcestershire Sauce -250ml $7ea
Sweet Chilli Sauce -250ml $7ea
Tomato Sauce -250ml $7ea
Fig Jam $7ea
Pineapple & Orange Jam -$7ea(pictured)
and $5ea(Slightly smaller jars)
Caramelised Red Onion Relish -300gm $7ea
Apricot Chutney 250gm - $6ea
Rhubard Chutney 250gm - $6ea
Orange Chutney 250gm - $6ea
Lemon Butter - 300gm $7ea

Either comment on this post or email me directly if you would like to place an order, I will do by best to fill it for you but some stocks are limited....

See you all soon


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Woo hoo ,,,, I will have the three pickles and one each of the relish thanks so much Miss kate xx

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