Wednesday, 26 August 2015

7 years Bad Luck.....wah!

I walked inside from my Studio the other night to this!!!!!
My mirror that has been hanging on the dining room wall
 for over a year had fallen off the wall and smashed to bits
 almost taking out my laptop on the way....
It knocked my vintage scales down but they are unbroken,
my very expensive white bottle vase from Kmart was
 cracked like an eggshell :(
The hanger I used was for more weight than the mirror was and
 hadn't come off the wall but the hook had bent down so it must
 have been faulty and was slowly giving way until....CRASH!
I loved my rustic old mirror but it has now gone to the dump
 because the glass was stuck on so tightly with silastic that I
 couldn't get the glass shards off and didn't want to cut myself
or flick a bit in my eye so it's now gone :(
A sad day at My little Home Sweet Home....
Soooo Bring on the next seven years bad luck!!!!

Until next time, Happy Stitching



Jenny said...

Don't believe all that crap just a faulty hook....... shame about the mirror though

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Totally agree with Jen .... The to get a new one 💖💖

Susan said...

Just another opportunity to get out the power tools! I'm sure you could whip a new one up in no time.

Susan said...

Probably good you weren't home at the time - that would have scared the &*^@*%^&* out of you!!!

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