Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Studio has a TV

You may have been wondering why there is a power point
 high up on the wall in the corner of my sewing studio...
That is the spot I planned for a TV on a wall bracket one day,
I was very lucky to be gifted one from a good friend, her
gorgeous Mum Doris passed away and this TV belonged
 to her so I do feel a bit special to have it....
Whilst my baby sister was visiting over the weekend I decided
 it was a good time for some sisterly DIY, working out the best
 height took the most time, remember measure and
 check twice and drill once girls! Ha Ha!
Then the fun part....power tools!
Holes drilled and bracket installed, I missed a pic of the bracket
 but it has a swing arm and tilt feature so the TV can be in the
 corner for viewing from my cutting bench or tilted back flat
 to the wall for viewing whilst lying down on my daybed,
 perfect for visitors or lazy Sunday afternoon viewing.
I also have a small DVD player but I am still deciding about
 what type of shelf I will install for it, whether it be a corner
 one or a flat on the wall one, I may also need an aerial plug
and antenna eventually but for now I am using a small
portable antenna that I already had, hence the cord hanging
 down, that I hate! I know third world problems!!!!

Doris is up on the wall and working well....
Thanks for stopping buy and sharing in my weekend DIY!

Until next time, Happy Stitching



Susan said...

Well . . I wasn't wondering but now I know!!! Can't be much missing from that room now Kate - except "Plenty of Time"

Anonymous said...

wow Kate how amazing your little cottage is,it has everything,i am very impressed my friend,i can see many many happy hrs spent here.xx

Bev C said...

Hello Kate,

Doris looks right at home up there on the wall. Would love a close up of the goodies in the photo frames, please.

Happy days.

Kylie said...

Now you will never leave! I have sewing studio envy! Xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Doris looks very comfy ... 💗💗💚💜

Dasha said...

My but you are resourceful! Mind you do some actual work in there, and don't get side tracked into watching some dreadful soap. LOL

Anthea said...

I love everyone's Comments so far! (And Dasha, the Bold & The Beautiful is quality viewing you know! ;)

Kate, wow, you've got such a great little zone now... how about cuppa's, do you have a kettle & fridge?!

Michelle said...

I agree with Kylie, I would never want to leave the sewing room now!!


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Fiona@Dragonfly-Sewing said...

Catching up on your blog. Love all you've been doing. Great spot for the telly :)

Jenny said...

You can just rent out the house and live in the studio Kate... Great work

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