Sunday, 18 October 2015

Miss Hadley's Chair

My Beautiful Aunt asked me to make a cushion for the sweetest
little chair that she purchased for her Granddaughter
 Miss Hadley.....
I procrastinated over it for months because Hadley's Mum
has a more modern style in her home than I do, so I had to
make sure it was sweet but not too pretty and vintage
 (Like me! Ha Ha)
I decided to model it off a couple of cushions that I purchased for
 my bent wood chairs, they had piping and self covered
 buttons and were round....
I couldn't decide which colour to go with when I was covering
 the buttons so I did one of each and they will be able to
turn it over for a different look....
 I also wanted to some how add the illusion of piping to the
tie that goes on the back of the cushion....
Cute as a button!!!!
This is what I came up with, I know Hadley loved
it and I am sure her Mum did as well.....
I would love a Kate size version of this chair
 for my little Home Sweet Home....
Until next time, Happy Stitching


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