Sunday, 22 May 2011

"My Town Block of the Month"

I have started stitching the Homespun My Town Block of the Month Quilt. It started in March and runs for 10 months through to December. It is a mystery quilt and each month in the Homespun Magazine there are instructions for the blocks. The first magazine showed a small square of each block with a clue as to what it might be. We think we have guessed them all but will have to wait and see.....Oh the suspense!!!
 It is a fundraiser for The Starlight Foundation. Above is Block 1 designed by one of my favourite designers Annie Downs, and of cause it is The Quilt Shop. 
I am using the Blackbird Designs Fabrics that the designers have used in the Magazines.
I purchased a kit from The Tinkers Cart in Townsville

I even Hand quilted the little quilt hanging on the line....Too Cute.

April was Block 2 The Post Office designed by Vivian Robinson.
I chose to do mine by hand applique and not machine as in Vivian's instructions.

May was Block 3 The Corner Store designed by Melanie Hurlston.
I think the striped awning is  just so sweet and the flowers in the window boxes are really cute.

Two of my good friends Suzie and Alison are also making this quilt so it will be interesting to see them when they are all finished. Now to wait by the letter box for June Vol 12 No 5 Issue. 
I wonder what the block will be...............

Until next time, Happy Stitching



Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, Your blocks look great! Are you doing the blanket stitch by hand? Thanks for joining us! Have a great day, Kate. Happy "My Towning"! *grin*

NOSTROMO said...

WOW! It's amazing and magical!

Nathalie Donadille said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathalie Donadille said...

Hi Kate, excuse my bad english... I'm French...(!)
I love too much the things you do ! I'm just beginning a plaid with "My favorites things"....
I would like to do the patch "My Town" but can you tell me where I can find the model ? In a book ?
Thank you for your reply.

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