Friday, 31 October 2014

Bathurst Blog Meet

This is a copy of a post I put up on our Bathurst Blog Meet Blog last night, just thought I would add it here for those slackers in the group that have not been checking the Blog. Get on their girls and introduce yourselves....:)

Oh Chooky you are such a NAG!
Just kidding you know I love you.....
Well here goes girlfriend....
Hi my name is Kate and I live in Orange so I won't have far to travel to the Blog Meet, which is a nice change because I grew up in Cobar and going anywhere always meant endless hours in the car travelling. So lucky for me I am one of the close ones and will be heading down after I finish work at 4pm on the Friday. I am super excited to see everyone old and new and can't wait to have a 2 night slumber party with a great bunch of like minded girls.....My blog is called "Kate Show and Tell" for those of you who don't already know me
Blogging and Sewing has been on the back burner for me as of late so I am really excited about having a play with some fabric when we get there. My craftiness has been taken up with yarn from the gorgeous Jody at Jellywares so there has been stitching happening of a different kind. I also am in the process of setting up my very own "Sewing Studio" so that has also taken up a lot of my time as well. Great things will happen in there soon I promise!!!!
How many of you will be jealous if I turn up wearing a pair of these babies, I found them on facebook the other day and just had to pinch the picture for this very post....
See what you are missing out on Chooky!!!!
I also have another distraction, my little home based market stall business "Pickled on Peisley" this also takes up a lot of my time. A lot of you have sampled my wares and I will include a list at the end of this post for anyone who would like to email me and place an order. Some things I have low stocks of but if orders are in early I will do my best to have them ready to bring along to you. This little venture is helping me to save a little bit to do projects around my little house and garden....
Thanks for reading a little about me and thanks in advance for any orders that will be placed. See you all soon and travel safely my friends....
Oh and maybe you should put up a post as well so Chooky doesn't have to Nag us all....
I think she secretly likes busting my chops....Lol!
Until next time, Happy Stitching
Cookies in a Jar mixes (28cm Fowlers Vacola Jars with a Wooden Spoon tied on and recipe Instructions) $20 each
White Chocolate & Cranberry
Pecan Nut and M&M's
Choc Caramel Oatmeal
Pickles and Tomato Relish $9 500gm Pasta Sauce Jar  $7 375gm Honey Jar
Tomato Relish
Cauliflower Pickles(Mild flavor similar to corn relish)
Spicy Mustard Pickles (Not hot spicy just flavoured with chunky vegetables)
Green Tomato Pickles (Old Fashioned Recipe)
Chutneys  $6 250gm Jar
Lemon & Mustard Seed Chutney (Great with tartare sauce with fish and prawn cutlets etc)
Apple & Date Chutney
Apricot Chutney
Rhubarb Chutney
Orange Chutney (Delicious Spread over Chicken breast while cooking)
Caramelised Red Onion Relish  $7 300gm Salsa Jar $5 200gm Jar
(These are delicious on homemade Burgers, steak sandwiches, in toasted sandwiches, in tarts and on pizza)
Lemon Butter $7 300gm Jar (Warning you will want to eat this with a spoon)
Orange & Passionfruit Butter $6 250gm Jar
Jams and Marmalades $7 350gm Large Jam Jar  $5 200/250gm Small
Grapefruit Marmalade
Tangy Lemon Marmalade
Carrot and Orange Marmalade
Mandarin Marmalade ($5 Jar only while stocks last, too time consuming. Great to glaze Ham at Christmas or meats at other times)
Citrus Spread (Lemons, Limes and Oranges)
Apricot Jam
Pineapple and Orange Jam
Dried Apricot and Pumpkin Jam
Fig and Apple Jam
Pear, ginger and Lemon Jam
Sauces $7 250ml
Worcestershire(Very yummy old school recipe)
Sweet Chilli Sauce
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